Here are the download links for all of roankun’s releases.

All volume releases are here.

All one-off releases are here (includes oneshots and one-chapter releases).

For all joint releases, go to the corresponding group that I jointed with.


7 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. I’m really going to miss Mahou Shoujo Site, it’s one of my favorites and you always did a good job with translations and stuff. Is there anywhere else I can read it in English?

    • I doubt it’d get licensed, although Mahou Shoujo of the End DID. Worry not though, someone already contacted me saying he’ll continue scanlating the series.

  2. Hi Roankun,

    I am the group leader of a Chinese fan-made manga translation group. I am currently living in Singapore.

    I saw your release of JC no Life, and we are also working on it. However, due to lack of raw manga, we were unable to continue after chapter 4.

    I want to ask if you have any raw manga of JC no Life, it would be of great help to us.

    Thanks and cheers!


  3. I love that manga. I hope someone will upload for some raws soon… I will look for it on internet. Thanks for translating.

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